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Is AI Out To Take Your Job Any Time Soon?

AI Replacing Humans
This being the last blog post in a three-part-series on Artificial Intelligence (AI) I just thought it would be appropriate to end with how AI will affect your current bread and butter- Your job. It is not a question of if but a question of when AI will likely replace humans on the job. The real question is how soon this will happen.

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A Brave New World of AI

Unless you have been living under a rock in recent times, it is likely you have come across the term AI or Artificial Intelligence in full. This is a term that has been a big buzz-word recently whether you are talking about self driving cars or websites.

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Making An App Available Offline

Man Using Device
Internet connectivity can sometimes be taken for granted when developing an app. Whether it be a web app or a mobile app, this is a factor that should be given serious consideration. As a developer, you have to ask yourself whether it is important that users have access to the app even if there is no Internet connectivity.

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