Insights From My First Google Adwords Marketing Campaign

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Barnett MsiskaI believe we draw lessons from all of our experiences and I learned a lot from my first Google Adwords marketing campaign. It wasn't long after building the Synergy Kinetics Website that I realised that having a website on its own was not enough.

I needed to find ways to drive traffic to it in order to make it a worthwhile value proposition in reaching and finding client prospects and one of the approaches was Adwords, along with other marketing strategies.

The Initial  Shock

Usually, when we find a strategy that we think is promising, we tend to think of it as a cure-all in the planning stages and are inclined to think of it as the messiah that will solve all our problems. Unfortunately this is not how advertising with Google Adwords turned out for me initially. Adwords is a pay-per-click platform where ads are set up and you get to pay Google for every click of your ads by people who carry out searches on the search engine and its partners.

When the initial set of statistics for the campaign came in, my adds were being clicked aright, but there was an extremely high bounce rate to the extent that the entire exercise was literally comparable to pouring money down the drain.  This means that even though people were clicking on the ads to come to the website, they were either immediately leaving the website or not spending enough time on it to be engaged with what the site had to offer.

Playing The Blame Game

My knee-jerk reaction was to completely blame this state of affairs on the Adwords platform. I irrationally concluded that the whole exercise was a waste of money, time and effort. What I should have been doing however, was to try and stop playing the blame game and examine the root cause of this catastrophic failure in leveraging the Adwords platform.

After I had calmed down, I sat down and started closely examining the analytics data for the marketing campaign and carrying out some research online to try and see where I had gone wrong. What came out of this inspection was the realisation that I had gone in half-cocked with my own assumptions without taking the time to learn how to do it right. As it turns out, advertising with Adwords is a science in its own right!

Doing It Right

Once I started looking for the problems and making an effort to correct them, the true power of Adwords came into its own. From my research online, I discovered the book, “Advanced Google Adwords” by Brad Geddes- 600 plus pages of it, all on using the Adwords platform. The thickness of the book is daunting by anyone's standards but I was committed to getting it right, so I went through the book.

What I learned from the book was priceless and now when I set up a marketing campaign, even for client's projects, I know may way around the platform and I know the dos and don’ts. The expression that “knowledge is power” comes into its own through my application of the wealth of knowledge gained from this book. 

Having equipped myself with the right knowledge and are now setting up advertising campaigns with it, I am able to leverage the true power of advertising with Adwords and I'm finally doing it right. I am also learning new things as I use the platform more. Doing Adwords right is a combination of good keyword research, crafting of the right ad copy with accompanying landing pages and good Adwords account organization as well as mastering data analysis from reports.

Other Insights

Although I learned a lot about the Adwords platfrom from my first campaign, I also drew some valuable life lessons and insights that apply to life in general;

  1. Most Of The Assumptions You Make Are Off The Mark

    It is well and good to make assumptions but you should be cautious and treat them as such. Most of the assumptions you make about anything will be off the mark and should only be used as a guide in your quest to establish facts upon which you can base your decisions.

  2. Iteration Is The Name Of The Game

    When you are disappointed by the results of any undertaking, do not be quick to throw in the towel. It is a rare occurrence that we can be great at something when attempting it for the first time. Usually you have to learn the ropes and figure out the process. It is a great idea to repeat the process until you figure it out before you quit.

  3. Without Persistence, You Can Never Move Forward

    Quitting is an instinct that comes the easiest but it is a costly instinct. You will never know what may come of something if you quit on the first sign of disappointment. Developing a habit of persistence will see you through many great successes in life.

  4. Learn From Your Mistakes and Build Upon Your Experiences

    Mistakes are inevitable on the journey to discovering success. Instead of dwelling on them and using them as bad marks against yourself, use them as a learning tool and build upon your experiences to anticipate and reduce them in future. There is no better teacher than experience.

  5. Set definite Goals, Pursue Them and Measure

    Without setting milestones, you will never know what progress you are making, if any. That is why it is important to measure your progress in any undertaking that you set your mind to. Setting definite goals and milestones by which to gauge your progress keeps you motivated and allows you the scope to make adjustment towards the attainment of your goal.
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