Measuring Internet Marketing Success

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Marketing VisualsIn the words of Peter Druker, “you can't manage what you can't measure”. This statement couldn't be more relevant than it is to Internet Marketing efforts. The only way to know whether you are successful or not is if you are able to define what success is and are able to track it.

Setting Goals and Milestones

Reliably measuring success begins with the initiative to set goals and milestones. Without goals and milestones, you are running your Internet Marketing campaign blind or the equivalent of sailing a ship without a rudder, as it were. Without a rudder a ship is at the mercy of the currents instead of the captain setting its course.

There is a subtle difference between what constitutes goals versus milestones. Goals are set objectives that you put in place to achieve after a certain period of time. Milestones on the other hand are the guidelines that will let you know if you are achieving your goals. Milestones can be thought of as the small victories before you get to your final goal.

Your goals and milestones should align with your business objectives, they should follow the SMART principle- Be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Being able to measure your Internet Marketing goals and milestones is critical to success.

Direct And Indirect Ways To Measure

Internet Marketing success can be measured from direct results such as people clicking on a link or liking a post. It can also be measured by indirect metrics such as increased brand awareness.

Indirect methods of measuring Internet Marketing success involve establishing brand perception through methods such as surveys and referrals. By comparing the changes in responses over time, any gains in brand popularity can be correlated to your Internet Marketing efforts.

Direct ways of measuring Internet Marketing success involve an action or engagement on your website or on social media platforms. These are more solid indicators for success than indirect methods. Examples of such interaction may be someone pressing the like button or leaving a comment.

Analytics Are Vital

A lot of data is involved when someone interacts with a website. This data can be collected and used as the central part for measuring Internet Marketing success. Data about the number of website visitors and their behaviours can be collected over time and analysed to assist you in making future decisions.

Setting up analytics to understand your website visitors is not a difficult task. I find Google Analytics to be a very powerful tool for the job and on top of that, it is free for anyone to use. All you have to do is create an account and apply the embed code to your website.

Analysing analytics is also important for your social media channels.  All social media platforms have some form of analytics available although the level of comprehensiveness differs from platform to platform. By utilising the tools provided, you can gain more insight into your social interactions.

Measure For Success

Once you have set your goals and milestone and diligently measure the different metrics from your Internet Marketing campaign, you need to take the necessary steps in applying your knowledge to achieve success in your business. All the measuring in the world would make no difference in the final analysis unless it is applied to your ongoing success.

What are you views on measuring success? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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