Leveraging Twitter For Business

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Twitter Bird Tag CloudEven with its limited text in which to convey your message, twitter is such a powerful social network. There is something wonderful about being able to convey your message in 140 characters or less. It allows you to be concise and creative. With twitter you are forced to cut out the nonsense and craft well thought out tweets.

There is also something elegant to twitter. You are able to engage with others in a way that is more precise than many other social networks. For this reason, twitter is well suited for business interactions and can mean a world of difference for your business if leveraged properly.

Whatever you are promoting, be it your website, blog or product line, Twitter is a great platform for you to reach out to your target audience. It is also a great way for your audience to find you.

Easy To Follow Others And For Others To Follow You

I have always found it easy to find people or businesses to follow on Twitter. Furthermore, the suggestions on people to follow are based more on your interests compared to other social networks which tend to focus more on connections.

It has also been my feeling that you get more exposure on Twitter in terms of who gets to follow you. Often this happens without your active involvement. It is not uncommon to get a follower on Twitter from a person or company with whom you have never had a prior link. Obviously, the more you get involved, the more followers you receive.

This ease with which to follow others and to be followed makes it easy for your business to build relationships. These relationships are contact points from which your business can build rapport in what may turn out to be viable leads.

Less Clutter In The Feed

The Twitter feed is lean and free from clutter. There is never too much going on other than the Tweets you have to focus on. Perhaps this is also a result of having the 140 character limit that makes everything succinct.

Going straight to the point is something every business can take advantage of. You are able to be to the point with your posts, which means that your audience can do the same. A lot of time can be saved by allowing you or your audience to quickly pick stuff you are interested in.

The Direct Message

The Twitter Direct Message feature is perhaps the most powerful for business. This is where you are able to send a private message to any of your followers as individuals or in groups. Twitter recently removed the 140 character limit from Direct Messages making it even more effective.

This feature is so powerful because it enables you to approach potential or existing clients on the social network in a private context. You can pitch to someone regarding your business offering and go about setting up a business deal through your interactions with direct messaging.

Like with all things of power, you have to be aware of the responsibility that rests on your shoulders when you use this feature. You do not want to be annoying or spamy towards your followers when you direct message them. It is more appropriate to use your discretion to send appropriate and considerate messages.

The Challenge For Your Business

Becoming proficient with Twitter is a challenge that every business has to grapple with. The solution is to go out there, tweet, follow and message. The hard part is not learning how to use Twitter; the hard part is figuring how to make Twitter work for your business. Just remember that if first you don't succeed, you have to continue trying and the rewards for your business will be worth your while.

Any experience with Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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