Why Internet Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing

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Capturing people with marketingMarketing has been a part of human activity ever since we banded into communities and started trading with one another. The way marketing has been done has been evolving over the centuries and the biggest contributor to these changes has been technological advancement.

The biggest leap in how marketing is done, however, has arisen in the past century with the development of the Internet and the World  Wide Web. These developments have brought about changes and possibilities never before imaginable.

Before we can go into why Internet Marketing beats traditional marketing, it is important to have a clear idea of what each one is. 

Traditional marketing encompasses all mediums of marketing that exclude the digital and this includes print media, broadcast media, direct mail and telemarketing. Internet Marketing on the other hand encompasses digital mediums and includes websites, social networking sites, content marketing, video marketing, banner ads and Google ads.

How To Choose

Each of the two mediums of marketing has its own merits and demerits and you might be at a crossroads as for which one to choose. Whilst you can choose to make use of both, it may not be practical to do so due to financial constraints.

Your decision at the end of the day should be based on a critical analysis of the cost to your business of choosing one medium over the other, or choosing both as well as the effectiveness achieved in making that choice.

You should decide on the basis of which marketing medium is cost effective, is value for money and brings you the best results. With these consideration in mind, I believe Internet Marketing beats traditional marketing for the following considerations.

Cost Effectiveness

Traditional marketing is very expensive to implement and is often out of reach of most businesses, especially small businesses. Internet marketing on the other hand is much cheaper by comparison which places it within reach of most businesses.

A full marketing campaign on Internet Marketing can often be carried out on a fraction of the budget necessary to carry out a similar marketing campaign on traditional marketing medium.

For businesses that cannot afford traditional marketing, Internet marketing is a viable and competitive alternative that is cost effective by a vast margin.

Scalability Of Campaigns

Businesses come in various forms and sizes. What might work for one business may not necessarily be applicable to another due to considerations of scale. A good marketing medium must be able to scale across various business sizes and deliver consistent results.

Traditional marketing approaches are often well suited for massive campaigns with massive budgets. The performance of marketing campaigns cannot be reliably duplicated in smaller campaigns and often result in significant losses and poorer results.

Internet Marketing approaches present a different situation. They can scale well for large as well as small marketing campaigns. This means that you can reliably expect  optimal results from a small but properly utilised marketing budget as well as a large one.

Extent Of Reach

The Internet is practically a boundless medium with great reach. Internet marketing has unparalleled reach, of course with the only limitation being that the target audience must be online.

Consequently, the Internet marketing target audience may be spread out over vast geographic areas and even crossing international borders. Whilst traditional marketing campaigns are usually local and have to be duplicated in various geographic regions, Internet Marketing campaigns can be local as well as international.

Level Of Interactivity

Traditional marketing mediums offer unidirectional interactivity between the marketer and their target audience. The communication is usually one way with the marketer speaking to the target audience such as on TV.

Internet marketing on the other hand offers an environment in which both the marketer and the target audience can participate in meaningful conversation. Each participant in the conversation has the capability to voice their concerns and be heard as what happens in the case of social media.

The high level of interactivity in Internet Marketing is a good reason why it is better than traditional marketing.

Ability To Obtain Key Metrics

Having your hand on the pulse of your marketing campaign is very important. You need to be able to measure with a certain level of accuracy how your campaign is doing. How people are responding to it.

Measuring the performance of a marketing campaign on traditional marketing mediums is not easy. For instance, it is not easy to measure how many people tuned into a radio show or how many left the program without finishing watching it.

With Internet marketing it is relatively easier to measure the progress of your marketing campaign with a surprising high level of accuracy. You can easily measure how many people came to your website for example and how many of them were engaged with your content. This makes it a better alternative to traditional marketing in this regard.

Ease Of Reaching Customers

Most of us now own a cellphone or tablet and we spend extended periods of time on these devices , busy with our lives on social media websites or conducting business. The mobile device is the ideal place for marketers to find customers right where they are.

Internet marketing engages customers on these devices and has a greater chance of finding customers right where they spend most of their time. Traditional marketing on the other hand does not have this advantage, which makes Internet marketing better in this regard.

The Bottom Line

For an Internet marketing medium to be effective and be preferred over others, it has to be cost effective and provide value for money. It has to have reach and high interactivity. It should be easy to measure effectiveness of the medium and Internet marketing does all this better than traditional marketing and therefore beats it, hands down.

What are your views on which is better; Internet Marketing or Traditional Marketing? Let us know in the comment section below.

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