The Nature Of Dreams

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Path Into LightLife is short and if you don't reflect on your life, it is easy to miss the important things. Easy to forget the promises you made to yourself a while ago when you were younger. The promises we make to ourselves are part of our dreams. If you are not careful, these too will slip into oblivion.

Often when people hear about dreams, they think of things that are far-fetched or even impossible to reach. After all, they are dreams right? What I'm talking about however are the aspirations we have in life, the ambitions running through our minds whilst we sleep. It might be that maybe we are looking to complete and acquire that desired qualification, maybe get a better job, improve our business prospects or have better relationships.

Whosoever you are or whatever your station in life, you have hopes, aspirations and dreams. The bad news is that having dreams and aspirations is not enough. What is necessary is the commitment to make plans and act in ways the are in line with the result of realizing those dreams and aspirations. I’m sure you will agree that are many things that prevent us from acting and staying on the path to realizing our dreams.

Tangible and Yet Not Tangible

Many of us have dreams in our minds but do not have the courage to go out and chase them. I am using the word “chase” because dreams are by nature elusive things. They are not tangible, you cannot touch them or see them with your own eyes but that does not make them any less real.

On the contrary, dreams are actually made of real stuff. They are made with similar fabric as reality itself and not far removed from it. They are the precursor to what comes into the physical world. Everything that we see in the world today that has been conceived by man, was once an idea. An idea that someone had the courage and foresight to pursue.

It is not easy to pursue a dream without any proof beforehand that it will bear fruit. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the dream to build a thriving business one day. It has been a long journey and the end is nowhere in sight. Infact I don’t think there is supposed to be an end as long as you are breathing. 

Your duty to your dream is to pursue it to your dying breath because the dream must have come to you for a reason. I cannot say I have built a thriving business to this day, but my dream still speaks to me just a strongly as it did the first time I woke up and told myself I will embark on the journey of discovery and start building a business.

Most Dreams Take Time and Effort

I had a friend ask me once why it has taken so long for my dream to take off. He observed that I am passionate about my entrepreneurial journey but do not have much to show for it. That was two years ago, and I did not know the things I know now back them. My response at the time was that the reason I did not realize “success” was because I did not have the resources I needed, money in particular and I also cited my health issues at the time.

What my friend and I didn't understand was that dreams do take time to realize. That success does not happen overnight. You have to put in the work and effort. The process is long and overnight success is a myth. If you look at business and life successes of the remarkable individuals in our time that have achieved phenomenal success, it took a while to get there. What is critical is your ability to count the small successes and record instances of personal growth.

From what I see, in the time that it took for renowned titans of industry to make it, without exception, a lot of work in perfecting their craft was involved. Even if the world does not see it, I can guarantee that as you start to consistently put in the effort towards the fulfillment of your dream, you will see tremendous growth with the passage of time. I believe the process shapes you in ways that when the time comes, you will be ready.

Not Having Resources Is Simply An Excuse

Most of us do not pursue our dreams because maybe we do not presently have the skills or connections or the resources. It is important to realize that with all the things you are claiming to not have, most are acquisitions which means that no one is born with them. They are things we can accumulate.

We can learn all this skills we need to realize our dreams. We can build a network of connections to help us along our path, and as for resources, we can start with what we’ve got. Whatever you've got is plenty because along the way you will gain intellectually and spiritually and these gains will manifest both financially and physically.

One thing that is certain when you have limited resources or connections is that easy is not going to be part of the equation. To tell you the truth, things are going to be freakishly hard. It’s not easy to start a business with only what you have instead of what you require. It may take a lot longer to get to the top but  I believe it is doable if you have faith and commitment.

Watch Out For The Dream Thief and How To Succeed

Fear, the dream thief, is the single biggest reason holding people back from realizing their dream. We are often so afraid of failure that we hide in our comfort zone. Instead of going out there to chase our dream we crawl into the warm belly of our comfort zone and play it safe. Whilst our comfort zone may be comfortable, it is robbing us of what we could become if we only had the courage to pursue our dreams.

Often, when basking in the comforting warmth of the comfort zone, we tell ourselves things that make it alright to stay there. We say maybe we are not ready to get into that committed relationship, maybe we don't have enough money to start that business or we don't have the skill to get that promotion when in fact we are just afraid of failure.

What we need to do is stop disguising fear as practicality and start pursuing our dream. Yes, there is a chance of failure but we should attempt to fail forward if it comes to that. This means learning from our mistakes and trying again and again until we succeed. The biggest risk is not taking a risk on the possibility of your success.

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