Collaboration Essential In Business

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They say no man is an island and this adage also applies in business. Even if you are working as a solopreneur in your business, there are occasions when you will  rely on the cooperation and assistance of others. Even for the solopreneur collaboration is essential in business.

Collaboration is necessary for any kind of business, large or small. It is simply not possible for a business to become sufficiently self-reliant that it does not require input from other businesses. After all, business has levels of inputs and outputs that span a number of other businesses in the supply chain.

Collaboration does not only run across businesses but also finds its way within a business. The employees that offer their services in the daily running of the business can also be seen to be collaborating with the business in order to assist it in achieving its goals.

Benefits of Collaboration

There are many benefits to collaboration in business some of which are capital related and innovation inducing. The key element of collaboration is the pooling of resources to allow businesses to achieve what they would not otherwise be capable of on their own.

Financial benefits can be found in collaboration when businesses bring their financial clout together in order to pursue big contracts. If there is a big project that requires a lot of financial capital, one or more companies can come together after independently raising a loan to raise the necessary funds for the project.

Capital is not only financial, there is also human capital and businesses can leverage human capital across their organizations. This might come in the form of staff exchange programmes that enable collaborating businesses to share their human capital. Collaboration in human capital can also take the form of training programmes between businesses.

The exchange of intellectual property is another advantage that collaborating businesses can undertake. By sharing ideas across businesses, the collaborating organisations can increase their value through knowledge exchange. These exchanges drive and stimulate innovation as well as promote efficiency.

Skills sharing is another key area for collaboration. Just as businesses may come together to increase their financial clout, they may do so to improve their skills pool and in the process are able to complete complex projects.

The Need To Make Adjustments

In order for a business to better collaborate with others, it is necessary to make some adjustments in the way it operates. You cannot continue working the way you do on your own once you start to collaborate with other individuals and businesses.

The adjustments will primarily come in the workflow for the business. If you typically have all the decisions being made from within, this will have to change once you start to collaborate with others.

You have to pick up a new workflow which may involve delegating some of the decision making to other parties. It requires for the business to allow a bit of vulnerability and let others determine some aspects of how the business operates.

Collaboration is a matter of give-and-take. To benefit from the collaboration that others bring to a business, the business must be willing to let go in some areas. It however also needs to be careful which aspects to let go so that even if the business is dependent on others, the dependance does not become a handicap.

This is why you have to be very careful when you choose people and businesses to collaborate with. You have to choose in such a way that the relationships you build end up reinforcing your ability rather than diminishing it.

Collaboration At Synergy Kinetics

Synergy Kinetics is a growing business and as such it relies extensively on collaboration. Whilst some forms of collaboration are more obvious than others, others are not so apparent.

For instance, being a growing business, Synergy Kinetics outsources its server architecture. This means that websites and web apps are hosted by two third party companies for each; one in South Africa and the other in the UK.

In a model like ours, it is very important to choose businesses that work well with our workflow when collaborating through outsourcing. So far the collaboration with these two companies has gone very well. When you collaborate with other businesses on an essential service, it is crucial that the collaboration has to be seamless.

The two companies that host Synergy Kinetic’s websites and apps almost feel like an extension of Synergy Kinetics. Their support department also becomes our support department and it is important that they are responsive, otherwise we would have complaining customers when technical issue arise.

These collaborations have enabled Synergy Kinetics to run a professional hosting service for our projects. This is a task that would be simply impossible if we were to do everything on our own. These collaborations enable us to focus on web design and development and let specialists in hosting focus on that part of the equation. 

Essentially, this is the super-power of collaboration; to leverage the strength of others to complement your own and focus on whatever it is that is your core business.

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