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Receiving and Sending Other Mail Through Gmail

Gmail InboxFor those of you who have been using Gmail as your email account of choice, you would agree with me that it is simply awesome. As awesome as Gmail is, most of us also tend to have several other email services that we use and it becomes a nightmare logging into so many email accounts just trying to get to grips with our email. The good news is that you can set up your Gmail account to receive email from other email accounts within Gmail.

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Do You Really Need A Website?

Little Business WomanWhether you are a business owner or are thinking of starting one, having a website is one of those things that you should seriously consider. Apart from a business, any cause that you are passionate about and care for is good enough reason to look into having a website. For one thing, it is the 21st century and not having a website does not say much about your business. On the contrary it says very little.

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Technology: The Great Equaliser

Fish In BowlsStarting with the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s, technology has grown in leaps and bounds improving and simplifying the lives of humanity. And as it was then, so does the trend continue, except at an ever increasing and perhaps even exponential rate. One Unique feature of technological advancement is its tendency to level the playing field.

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