Web App Development

Web DevelopmentAt synergy Kinetics, we aim to provide unique solutions that respond to every day situations using web based technologies. If you can imagine a situation, Synergy Kinetics is ready to take up the challenge and implement it online. We are always aware of the fact that the challenge is yours and we are only tasked with the responsibility of seeing it through.

Organization is is critical to seeing a web application project through and this is well understood at Synergy Kinetics. We believe in approaching web development with agile and lean methodologies. We minimise waste and put you, the client first. Kanban is also a big part of project management at Synergy Kinetics and Trello is at the centre of all our projects. Through Trello, we are able to involve you actively on the project every step of the way.

We develop web apps that are creative and modern using the most up to date standards and stack of technologies. In most apps, we make use of the Progressive Web App (PWA) methodology which ensures that your mobile app can be easily distributed.

Progressive Web Apps make use of the technology of the web to develop mobile applications that run on any mobile platform regardless of the underlying operating system. All that is needed is a modern-day web browser. The web app can be accessed through the browser even on mobile phones.

The technology stack at Synergy Kinetics is primarily driven by PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS using Laravel and JQuery frameworks. These core technologies have a mature and stable ecosystem of software applications that ensure we deliver quality software. You can check out a listing of the Core Technologies at Synergy Kinetics.

Synergy Kinetics holds the view that technology has the potential to transform lives and we believe software is a good starting point. We invite you to imagine the world you want to live in today and into the future and take Synergy Kinetics with you on the journey to realise you imagined world.