Website Extra Features and Applications

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Your Joomla Based website is highly extensible. This means that you can have any feature or function imaginable implemented on your site. At Synergy Kinetics, the business thinking is to add value by offering modular packages to extend your site when you need them. Not only is this practical for you, but it is also cost effective and allows for organic growth of your website.

Mailing Lists & Newsletters

  • Set Up Mailing Campaigns
  • Create Mailing Lists and Subscribers
  • Complete User Syncronization on your Joomla site
  • Import and Export Users
  • Offer Opt-Out Options in mail sent out
  • Track User Engagement
Newsletter and Mailing Lists

Event Management & Calendars

  • Create and Manage single or recurring events
  • Categorization of Events
  • Automatic Checking Against Event Clashes
  • Filter and Search Events

Video & Multimedia

  • Provide Video or Audio Content
  • Integration with Youtube Video Service
  • Provide Option To Download Multimedia
Ytube and Multimedia
The Social Web

Booking & Reservation Systems

Allow Self Service to by providing online Booking and Reservation service. This is convinient for both you and your client, reducing delays.

Billing Systems, Payment Gateways & Shopping Carts

Accept and process orders directly on the site with the option of accepting online payment.

Billing and Payments

Messaging, Chat & Forums

Encourage communication and feedback on your site and build an online community whilst you are at it.

Reports, Surveys & Polls

  • Collect and Analyse Data on your website
  • Present collected data to your audience
  • Draw Useful Insights about your data

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